The Event of Preaching - Wishful Preaching

I had the privilege of standing in the pulpit on a weekly basis for more than 15 years. Let me first begin by saying something about that privilege. Preaching is an event with very specific religious components. Commonly surrounded by music, readings, prayer and liturgy, preaching is encased in worship. As such the preacher has the role of delivering a spoken word about God (at a minimum) and from God (at best). Preaching is best done in the voice of authority. Truths are to be proclaimed, not suggested. A message of godly importance should not be offered half heartedly or with timidity. In such authoritative form, preaching then forces us to grapple with a truth proclaimed in substance, a word spoken with palatable form. As such, preaching is never to be considered only as an act of proclaiming, but as an act consisting of equal parts speaking and hearing. The event of preaching is meaningless without the collision of word and ear...


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