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NOW available!  Wishful Preaching - Things I Wish I'd Said From the Pulpit,  a collection of short sermons divided into 12 chapters.

Kim E. Williams' goal with this work is to "stir the stagnant soup of our churches" in order to promote new vitality and useful messes!

The book is NOW available in an 'electronic' version for $2.99 with all profits going to charity.

Buy Now at Amazon - Wishful Preaching.

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  1. I read the introduction and you've got my attention. Looking forward to the book.

  2. Soooo close to done. Soon and very soon. I've got this!

  3. If you don't have a kindle how can you purchased the actual book?

    1. right now, it is only available in Kindle format. However, you can read Kindle books without having to have a Kindle. Just buy the Kindle version and use one of the free readers ( or read it right on your computer by using the browser app (, you'll just need to sign in to your Amazon account. I hope that helps.


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