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Kim Williams grew up in Myrtle Beach, SC working in the family business of motel management. There he acquired his diverse background and sense of humor through encounters with guest and business associates that he describes as “a unique assembly of Royalty, Politicians and other Beach Bums.” 

Educated at Wofford College with a BA in Religious Studies and Southeastern Seminary where he earned a Master of Divinity degree, Kim spent 15 years as a pastor with a mainline denomination while specializing in congregational development – church revitalization, growth and start-ups. (Although, why would anyone want to grow more churches is a mystery).

Throughout his educational and vocational journey he enjoyed time in the spot light by working as a member of the Wofford Theater Workshop, Carrboro Actor’s Cooperative, Charlotte Shakespeare Company and appearing in both radio and TV commercial character roles. 

Entering into the arena of sales and sales management in 1999, Kim discovered a passion for the art of sales as a complex process of assisting people in making the choice they want to make, in spite of themselves. 

Kim E. Williams offers energetic and powerful presentations on topics related to Public Speaking Skills, Sales Techniques and Philosophies, Life Skill Development, and Business Networking Tactics. 

An avid day hiker (believing that backpacking is for people who don’t have a comfortable bed at home), aspiring writer, father, grandfather and obedient husband – Kim Williams believes that who we are begins with what we believe and what we believe is created by what we do everyday.

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