Preaching: 7 Reasons the Children's Message is Better than the Sermon

7 Reasons the Children's Message is Better than a Sermon

1. it's shorter - nuff said
2. laughter - even watching them come down the aisle is fun
3. object lessons - we're talking puppets, strings, plants and animals people!
4. markers and crayons - ever watch a preacher try to draw?
5. you will most likely get a story - everyone likes a good story time
6. kids participate - saying some of the funniest things
7. you know the answer - it's always Jesus or God...right?

So a preacher says to the children, "I'm going to describe something  and I want you to guess what it is. ok?" The children all say "Yes!"
First clue - "I'm thinking of something that lives in a tree."
Children sit silent.
Second clue  - "I'm thinking of something that is gray and furry."
Children sit silent.
Third clue - "I'm thinking of something that loves to eat nuts."
Children sit silent.
Forth clue - "I'm thinking of something that has a bushy tail."
Children sit silent.
The pastor looks perplexed and finally, little Johnny raises his hand.
"Yes, Johnny?" says the preacher
"Pastor," little Johnny says, "I know the answer is suppose to be Jesus or God, but it sounds a lot like a squirrel to me."


  1. I agree with Johnny. I actually thought God dressed as a squirrel at a costume party.

    1. Funny. i'm sure it happens all the time, Teddy. Heh.

  2. A question, Kim:

    Just what are the theological implications of the Incarnation when translated into squirrel? (squirrelly? squirrelese??)

  3. Love this. I would have been afraid to answer squirrel, too ;)


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