What is Justice and Grace for Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman?

There can be no judgment without grace and no grace without judgement. It does us well to remember when confronted with news, publicity, social uprisings and accusations - there is always another story, lost in a whisper amid the shouting.

While I would quickly and loudly agree that the events surrounding the murder of Trayvon Martin tell a story of injustice and prejudicial actions for which justice should be demanded, the noise of Social Media and demonstrations are so loud that I feel the need to ask another question. Are we shouting for 'blood' in our cries for justice or is there the desire to see a man not only held accountable for his actions, but pressed to change?

What will happen if George Zimmerman is arrested and goes to trial? What happens next?  I can't help but wonder what miracle might happen if the same intensity that called for 'justice' then turned to a cry for his transformation. Could anyone refuse the impact of such a mass intervention and call to change?

Could Social Media become a stimulus of personal and individual transformation? Is it possible to demonstrate for something new as well as against something current?

Why do I ask this question? Because, there was a moment in my life when I stood before a judge and a mob crying for 'justice' and what I needed at that moment was a voice - loud enough for me to hear over the noise of judgment - that said, "Come this way. You can be different, renewed - we'll show you how and help you do it." Fortunately for me, the call was there and I listened.

If we have the chance to offer that same call in this case, I hope we will.

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