Holidays Are for You, Too!

The holidays always present themselves with a forceful intensity. The expectations of others, and our internal conversations can make for a busy mess. Couple these agendas with the ideal and sentimental expectations of what holidays are suppose to be, or at best could be like and we are set for an emotionally intense time.

Be selfish. Some self love and discipline are called for here. Let's plan some 'down time,' some you time into the next few days. Enjoy the traveling, company, shopping and gifting. Turn up the volume on your activity around festive and charitable endeavors. Then, make sure you stop and collect yourself. Breathe.

Plan a few minutes in each day to breathe, rest and pray. Take a walk alone or with someone you love and trust to just 'be' with you.

One of my favorite ways to ground myself in me is to devote my attention and a few moments of my time to my dogs. Pets can really keep us sane amid the hectic tasks of the holidays.

Embrace the passion of these holidays, and have the discipline to take care of yourself, too.

Be blessed.

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