Wishful Preaching - The Book NOW Available

As of 11/26/12, as good a day as any, the Kindle version of "Wishful Preaching: Things I Wish I'd Said From The Pulpit" is now available. All profits go to charity. Own your copy of Wishful Preaching now.

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"A little bit preaching, a tad irreverent and a dash of hilarious - Wishful Preaching is a collection of 12 sermons that SHOULD be preached from the pulpit. After 15 years of ministry and a less than pretty exit, I've become aware that there are a few things I wish I'd said from the pulpit. 

Preaching isn't really all about what the preacher does. It is about what we do, what we hear and how that impacts our lives. Preaching is as much about hearing as it is about talking. This book is about the talking, the proclaiming of preaching. I have written in a form very similar to how I've preached with a mix of scripture, story and humor. 

This book is about hearing, too. You will be challenged to hear some things in different ways, in ways that might really challenge you, even make you steaming, righteous mad. Sound fun?"

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  1. Just downloaded it...look forward to reading it when I get through some others ahead of it on my To Read list.


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