5 Ways You Can Make Your Minister a Better Preacher

5 Simple Ways to Get a Better Sermon!

Long has the myth been shared that "You can have a pastor or a preacher, but not both." Some of us preachers can really preach. Some of us preachers wouldn't know homiletics if it followed us home to dinner. No matter which preacher you have, here are 5 ways you can get a better sermon.

1. Read the scripture for the day ahead of time and give yourself some time to think about the verses. What would you preach about?
2. During the sermon, take notes of important points or favorite stories during the message.
3. Compliment - specifically - the preacher about one of your favorite parts of the sermon.
4. Go to lunch with other members after worship and talk about the message. What did you like? What meant the most to you?
5. Read a book about preaching (anything by Fred Craddock is good).

What you'll begin to notice is that magically, your preacher will begin to get better. You'll learn more, understand more and be more excited. Don't expect the preacher to do all the work. It is YOUR faith, after all.

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