3 Steps to Renew You

I set a 3 step personal goal to renew me, back in January. I've remained focused on them (most days anyway) and I'm finding that there is a refreshing boost that comes with these three simple life goals. The most wonderful thing is that they are something we can do a little everyday and they have a cumulative positive effect on everything! Even if we only succeed part of the time - it adds up!

1. Celebrate now - everything we do, each moment we live is too precious to be treated as a passing fancy, or with disrespect and worry. I will better live in the now.

2. Laugh harder - there are too many minutes between belly laughs so intense that they make me cry. I will laugh today.

3. Pray deeper - being gut level honest with God always helps me cut to the chase of prayer. I'll be quicker to ask, "What's your will, God?" I will pray deeply today.

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